What Are Your Rights About Painting And Carpeting As A Renter?

The relationship of the tenant and the landlord is defined clearly not only in your lease agreement but also in the state laws about issues like habitability, safety, repairs, emergency maintenance and health. However, when it is about painting and carpeting, you don’t often see so many clear lines as they are almost non-existent. Mostly, such issues would be determined by your landlord with the legal guidelines that are open for interpretation by a landlord, a legal system, and the tenant himself.

Before making a move into some apartment for rent, one needs to perform a proper walkthrough with the landlord. Check to see in what condition you are getting the paint and the carpet, discuss if there are any issues and also make sure that you get them documented in photographs and writing. This way you will be able to have protection in case if any charges or disputes have to be dealt with when the lease ends.

It is not the right of the landlords to charge their tenants for any normal wearing, which results from daily use when it comes to carpeting. You must go through the state laws about tenants’ rights for determining your particular rights as a tenant at apartments in Gastonia. Information about the rights of the renters can easily be found if you search terms like “tenant rights” and “renter’s rights”. You can even contact the Office of the Attorney General to get further information.

When you have lived in an apartment for quite a few years, you might have to get the carpet replaced because of its normal wear & tear. The tenants shouldn’t also be charged to pay for replacing carpets unless they got it completely new at the time when they had moved in, and it got excessively damaged during their stay at the apartment rental. Specifics about replacing carpets must also be detailed in specific words in your lease document. However, if it’s not, then you can construct written the agreement with your landlord about this and add it to your existing lease. You can also do this when you re-sign the lease.

In most of the leases, it is stated specifically that whether you are allowed to paint your apartment rental in Gastonia. However, if it’s not the part of your lease, then you should check with your landlord and make sure that you get a written approval prior to changing any wall color.

There are situations when the tenants have the permission of painting their apartment’s interiors, but there is a condition associated with it. The tenants agree to repaint the wall in the same color, as they were originally given to them, once their lease ends and they are going to leave the apartment. If the tenants fail to do so, they may have to pay additional charges for this.